Champagne & Shopping

Meet Hebba ! Shopping is her passion and profession !

Hebba ran her own fashion stores for 10 years in Reykjavík and now she is enjoying to the fullest showing her guests her personal amazing world of local design and fashion in Reykjavík.  Hebba is also a professional waitress and a “foodie” and her up to date insight on the culinary world in Reykjavík is an added bonus !

Note: This is a PRIVATE tour

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“So incredible – enjoyed every minute – learning about Iceland (the inside scoop) and experiencing the spectacular scenery and tastes! So happy that we chose this experience that hit all the senses – Thank you for all of it. Private pick up, wonderful conversation and a big variety of flavours & views.”

“The Golden Circle Gourmet Tour traces the classic route that Iceland is famous for but in a private vehicle and tour guide setting.  A great ambassador. He will feed you right from the start and to the end. All foods are local and of course organic and fresh. If we can sum up Icelandic food, we can say that it’s pure and honest.”

“This tour was everything we had hoped for, and soo much more: breathtaking nature, authentic Icelandic culture, fabulous food and the best of times with many laughs and inside stories with our lovely guide Ymir, who knows everything (and probably everyone) there is to know about Iceland. Just GO! You will not regret it.”

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